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Supercharge Your Outbound Marketing with MBS Highway

Nick Belenky, Top of Mind Networks
Barry Habib, MBS Highway

Outbound phone calls have re-emerged as a powerful marketing tool that’s one of the most effective ways to convert warm referrals and move borrowers through the loan process faster. The question is, how do you fit more calls into a day that’s already jam-packed? And how do you justify taking that time by ensuring every call is as effective as it can be?
Key takeaways:
Timing is everything. Use SurefireCRM’s alerts feature to plan timely outreach to segmented call lists.

Work smarter, not harder. Let SurefireCRM’s Power Calls feature automatically dial your entire list of contacts, leave pre-recorded voicemails and track leads for you.

Need an icebreaker? Start calls off on the right foot with SurefireCRM’s compliant, customizable call scripts.

Become a better advisor. Take your outbound marketing to the next level with tools and market insights from MBS Highway that will empower you to speak to customers with renewed confidence and purpose.

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