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MORTGAGE MARKETING ESSENTIALS: Crafting Engaging Video Content

A key part of your marketing strategy should be using short (1 to 3 minute) videos to deliver key points about your business and the homebuying process, and encouraging viewers to take action, such as contacting one of your loan officers or visiting your website. 

Studies have shown video to be the most widely shared content type. You can use video to promote products, showcase customer success stories, talk about the benefits of homeownership and much, much more. Surefire℠ CRM and Mortgage Marketing Engine by Black Knight’s Power Video tool can help you quickly create videos you can post to your own websites or external sites and embed in emails and text messages.  

An effective video marketing strategy puts you in a great position to catch the attention of young, tech-savvy consumers who prefer to do every transaction on their mobile device and watch A LOT of videos. 

This quick guide covers: 
- Why video marketing is essential to reach new audiences 
- How to create your mortgage video marketing strategy
- Measuring success 
- Getting started with Surefire’s Power Video tool


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